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Kids’ Bathroom Wall Décor

Today on the blog I am sharing a cute way to keep your kids in learning mode even during bath time.

My son’s bathroom was lacking a “kid-friendly” character to it, so I decided to take a trip to my favorite place on earth aka Home Goods and purchase few picture frames.

I decided to choose cream and beige hues to keep the overall look soft and easy on the eye but went for different shapes and sizes to keep it interesting and fun.

At home, I Googled and printed on regular paper baby animal drawings (e.g.) . Then I arranged the frames in a “messy order” that felt just right and we hung them on the wall.

After struggling attempts, we succeeded making my boy’s hand imprint (similar product) which was later added to the wall art.

There we had a cute wall with all the sweetest baby-animals and my baby boy’s hand imprint to enjoy looking at every day.


My son absolutely loves all the prints and goes over each animal along with the sound it makes and finishes with his hand imprint pointing to himself.


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