D.I.Y. Aged Copper Patina Finish Art Frame

It all began with an inspirational search for our Ketubah (Jewish marriage agreement) frame design.   Since the frame was going on the wall in our master bedroom where dark wood is dominating,  I did not want another dark finish but rather a lighter accent.

Our Art Ketubah has green hues in it, my mother offered to check out the Modern Masters Green Patina Metal Effects Paint Oxidizing Finish Kit, to see if we liked that look.
I immediately fell in love.  We purchased the paint kit online via the Home Depot store for $39.98.   The kit includes everything you need and the instructions are easy to follow.


We started by “giving a character” to the large art frame (which my husband built earlier)
by distressing it, creating deep scratches with chisels and hitting it with heavy chains.

Applying Primer

Once done distressing, we cleaned the frame well and applied the first coat of the Primer.
After 30 minutes we applied the second coat of the primer and then left it alone for 12 hours.

Applying Oxidizing Copper Paint

Guess what was the first thing we did the following morning….
yup, went to the garage to check on the frame.
You can say we get passionate about our projects  🙂

Next, we applied the first coat of Copper Paint and waited 30 minutes for it to dry.
It was the second coat of copper paint that was tricky.
We had to apply it very quickly.  Once covered, while it is still wet you spray the aging solution on it.

Spraying The Green Patina Aging Solution

We decided about the look ahead of time and sprayed the patina as best we could.
It was a bit hard to decide on the amount since we could only see the result after the drying process.
It was fascinating to watch the oxidizing process.  The look changed every couple of minutes right in front of our eyes.

You can see the progress on the pictures below.

    We loved the final results and did not want to change a thing.

The pictures don’t do justice.

We made sure the frame was completely dry before sliding the canvas into it.

Absolutely love the outcome and feel like each day it is more and more beautiful

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