D.I.Y. Patina Finish Lanterns

My Ikea galvanized lanterns needed a transformation due to three reasons.
First reason was that the galvanized look did not go with our interior any longer …or should I say exterior since they live on the covered porch now.
The second reason was that they looked pretty rough after being neglected due to multiple moves. The third and the most true reason is simply because I am addicted to the Modern Masters Metal Effects Green Patina Paint!

clean the surface

Clean the surface as best as you can

protect the glass

I used the Blue Painters Tape to protect the glass.
I taped the star cutouts where ever I could reach but I don’t recommend do it as taking the paint and the the off took a while and wasn’t worth is since the uncovered starts did just great.

get your Green Patina Paint

Don’t forget to stir the paint.

apply the primer

I fixated the lanterns upside down is a little basket and painted two layers
(letting dry in between layers) of the bottom part first.

apply copper paint

Apply the copper paint, first on the bottom (two layers) and then paint the rest one layer.
After quickly applying the second layer, spray the Oxidizing solution where you want the green Patina to show. Enjoy watching the transformation.

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