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D.I.Y. Rope Bookshelves

I had a hard time finding a design for book shelves for our son’s bedroom that I really liked.
One day, while researching on a totally different topic, I stumbled upon an image on picturing (not very clearly) beautiful  Nautical bookshelves that I absolutely fell in love with.

We used the scrap wood we had for the panels of the shelves, cut holes for the rope to go through and stained and sealed the wood.

For the poles we used:

3/4-in x 30-in 150-PSI Galvanized Pipe
3/4-in Dia Galvanized Nipple Fitting

3/4-in Dia 45-Degree Galvanized Street Elbow Fitting
3/4-in Dia Galvanized Floor Flange Fittings

We spray-painted all the parts in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

For the rope:
We used Blue Hawk 3/4-in Twisted Manila Rope.
We thought that just tying it on top might not be secure enough and decided to wrap Twisted Jute Twine around it.  We twisted the twine around many times and for extra security even glued it.
Gluing the Twine was a very interesting experience we keep sharing with everyone.
In the process,  we noticed a little smoke coming off the rope and started investigating… apparently applying Super Glue to cotton or wool results in a rapid chemical reaction that releases enough heat to cause it to catch on fire.  At that point I was ready to quit experimenting and find another way of securing the rope.  My husband reassured me and by adding a tiny bit of product at a time it  resulted in a strong structure and no fire…just a little smoke and a lesson in Chemistry.  When you see smoke… DON’T blow on it!
For all the campers out there – Super Glue and Cotton/wool will help you start a fire!

We tied big knots to secure and level each shelf, as you see on the pictures below.

The End Result


Each shelf is secured to the wall with brackets.

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