D.I.Y. Chair Bench

Mr. Z and I decided to build an outdoor furniture set
for our new screened porch.
We really wanted to come up with something unique and so an online inspirational search began.  We decided to build a chair-bench!

Using a new chair would be too cruel so we decided to go on a hunt at a local antique store.
I liked the engraved design on these petite wooden chairs
so we brought six of them back home.

The operating room – in progress –
Mr. Z is cutting off the front feet and the seat off of the chair.

Deciding on dimensions and building the structure.
It was challenging to make sure that we built a strong enough structure
since I really wanted a very long bench.  It needed to go with the longest table possible.
I never doubt Mr. Z and he never lets me down.

Securing the structure.  In this case – “more is more”.

…And more…

Placing and securing the back structure.

Shaping and attaching the back structure.

Sanding the old paint off and final sanding before applying the new paint.
I kind of liked this unfinished look but we stuck with the original plan
– whiten everything out!

So paint I did… for a long time… over and over… and over… Thank God I like painting!  Even after sanding aggressively, the original stain bled through.  We used a stain-blocking paint… but it still bled through even after two coats.
There was the finished product.

For the second bench we left only the bottom part of the back of the chair.
We built the table and refinished two additional chairs to go with the set.

Finally, the screened porch was complete.

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