D.I.Y. PINEAPPLE Champagne & Chocolate Gift

What do you enjoy the most: receiving a present or gifting one?
Either way, when it is a D.I.Y. gift it is so much more thoughtful and valuable!
Even the most common gift like a bottle of champagne or wine along with chocolates can become a festive piece attracting everyone’s attention.
So, I had a nice bottle of champagne and chocolates, but I wasn’t sure about what exactly I was going to construct.
This is when I got on Pinterest and after a short research found my inspiration on redefinedmom.com .

Think the headline and the card are giving it away?

For this project you will need:

A bottle of champagne/wine

Large box of chocolates – I used Ferrero Rosher  (check out at Costco.Box of 48 for $12)

Green tissue paper

Burlap ribbon – few types/rope


Glue gun

For those of you who are going to use the Ferrero Rosher candies
I suggest hot gluing them to the wrapping paper prior to attaching them to the bottle because the candy WILL fall off the wrapping paper!

Start by gluing the chocolate to the bottle.  Play with consistency and place them in a crisscross pattern.
I chose to leave the label exposed so that the gift receiver can see it.
Stop approximately at the height of the label for now.

Cut the green tissue paper into a pineapple leaf’s shape.
Use the hot glue to attach the leaves randomly around the neck of the bottle.  It helped me to look at a real pineapple picture in order to decide how to place the leaves.

Once you’re done attaching the leaves, start wrapping the burlap ribbon.
Design it to your liking.

After placing the burlap ribbon, I kept gluing more chocolate to achieve a complete look.

There it was, a fun and thoughtful gift for anyone who likes champagne/wine, chocolate candy and a pineapple shape!

 Enjoy this mini-project and don’t hesitate to share, I’d love to see what you have come up with.

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