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D.I.Y. Construction Party

Our son, Benjamin just turned two and being a boy he is all about trucks and construction tools.
He gets very excited when we pass by a construction site, or when he sees a handy man carrying a tool box.
Needless to say that the trips to “Home Depot” with his Dad are a real treat.
Ben can literally recite all the different trucks and tools in his sleep! I think you got the idea…
Therefore, there was no other option, Benjamin’s birthday theme had to be – “Under Construction”!

Nothing says “PARTY” like festive decorations and this is where you can use your imagination to the fullest.
I covered our main entrance door with a “Caution Tape” and hung construction zone themed signs with cute writings.

All the kids (and adults who like to play) where provided with safety jackets and hard hats to enter the “party zone”.
I really like to display the invitation, especially when it is as cute as the one I personalized and edited using PicsArt Application. The template can be found here.

Even though, they were meant to be used for food I attached Wooden Popsicle Sticks to the signs to look like there were real sign posts. It really gave another dimension to the sings and in my eyes elevated the whole look.

Under Construction Party Game Ideas

It was a bit challenging for me to put together an array of activities that would suit all kids in an age spectrum of
18m-12years. The key turned out to be “keep it simple”. Here is a list of activities that did not leave anyone out:

One of the games to entertain the kids included large “brick blocks” and a Physio Ball to play “wrecking ball”. The older kids enjoyed building walls and the younger absolutely loved knocking them down over and over.

Another station included traffic cones and toss rings/dive rings to imitate the game of “ring toss”.
It does make it much harder when the cones are not really attached to anything but it was still fun.

Another, game I came up with required expression of one’s artistic side and included a black art paper, white and yellow tapes and lots of traffic stickers to have the kids “build a road” together.

Ben couldn’t wait and started to build before guests arrived (with a little help from Daddy).
Birthday T shirt idea.

For the “thinkers”, we had a Construction Party themed puzzle, Lego and memory game options.
I also printed Under Construction coloring pages that both girls and boys really enjoyed.

For the “infant area”, we had a play mat, an ExerSaucer and a few other toys to keep them busy and happy.

Photo Booth

Now to the absolute must have-
What better way to capture memories other than through a fun construction photo booth.

I used the orange construction fencing (leftover from a gardening project) to create the background along with the “Happy Birthday” and other construction themed signs.

The HIT of the party was the cardboard truck. Kids pushed each other in turns all through the house in this fun truck. I built and painted the dump truck out of cardboard boxes using directions from this wonderful blog.

You can really tell I had a blast decorating. Last minute fire place decoration idea was made of a Caution Tape.

Found the cutest props online. You can find many options on

It’s very important to be able to locate restroom in any unfamiliar places, so I attached a “porta potty” sign to the bathroom door.
It did make everyone laugh.

Construction Party Food Ideas

Now to the probably most important part of the party- food!

Let’s talk about party failures that actually come out as a hit.
I found this amazing recipe on “how to make a construction birthday cake” and actually tested it earlier with success.
Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to complete all the steps in order to have the cake shaped as stripes once cut into… BUT it came out delicious and very cute and that’s all that matters.
So, for all the moms who are making everything from scratch, please know that it might not be exactly as you envisioned or planed but it always will be the best because you put your heart in it!

I decorated the cake with little construction trucks, different shaped chocolate candy and a “happy Birthday” sign held by two paper straws.

Even the trashcan could not get away from the party decoration.

The construction tool shaped cookies were a BIG HIT at the party.
I used these cookie cutters and the recipe that came with the package.
It is important to keep the party all colorful and vibrant but, for me, it also was important to stay healthy.
Therefore I used all natural food coloring (here is a recipe for budget friendly option) on the icing.

We had fun naming different store bought snacks as: The “rubble“- , “truck tires“-  and the “traffic cones“.

Painted the “2” made of cardboard from “Hobby Lobby” and placed it on a cinder block to keep the construction mood on.

I am a big fan of a party decorated food display. We carried the theme colors through the table. Background wall was made by my creative husband using some scrap wood for leg support and rope.
Decorated with black and yellow crepe paper.

The “fruit cones” made of ice cream waffle cones dipped in chocolate and filled with healthy fruity snacks were another big hit at the party among the kids.

“Wet paint brushes”  made of rice krispies and all natural coloring melted marshmallow icing.

“Wet Cement” – Tres Leches cake (premade by Costco).

For the non sweet option we had a “build a burger bar”.

I placed the buns in a cardboard box lined with a yellow table cloth.

Construction Party Favor Ideas

Last but not least, to make every party ending bitter-sweet, don’t forget to hand out party favors.

I used plain paper bags and decorated them with little “thank you” notes and a caution tape.
The bags consisted of the cutest and fun traffic cone drinking cups with straws and traffic sign lollipops.

We all had a blast and most importantly the birthday boy had the best time at his party!
I hope you enjoyed the read and got inspired!

4 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Construction Party

  1. Thumbs UP all the way.
    Fantastic idea, fantastic preparation, and even better layout.
    Even the food was great. The kids had a terrific time. Benjamin
    is still not over it and I am sure he will remember it forever.
    Congratulations to the Zirkins Eliza and Daniel.

  2. That construction cake was pretty awesome!! Wonderful themed party and all the kids, young to old :), really enjoyed themselves!

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